Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya Variety Of Traditional Game In Indonesia

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 - Permainan, Sejarah

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya traditional game lately is very difficult to find, traditional toys are increasingly eroded by a wide variety of modern toys. Now Gadgets and various other modern games becomes favorti most children in the world particularly Indonesia. Traditional games are starting to be considered just a memory of the past only. Whereas traditional toys is more fun than the game.

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya Traditional Game In Indonesia

Lots of traditional game in Indonesia, such as gobag sodor, petak umpet, ingkling, kelereng, dakon, enggrang and many more. In the past this game became a favorite toys, every child playing happily together with friends, running until the fall. It all becomes a preoccupation for every child who experienced it. Maybe this time the memory was still ringing in the memory that never experienced this time was no exception Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya.

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya Marbels traditional game

This time we’ll reminisce back to know multi-faceted temp used to be traditional toys along with Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya. What is the traditional game of enrichment let’s look together.

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya Traditional Game Dakon

Petak Umpet

This game is a kind of furtive search game, the game is usually played over 2 children and 1 child must stay up to find other children who went into hiding. After successfully finding children who hid will then alternately with the ter catch wet while hiding

Gobag Sodor

This time maybe we can still see children playing gobag sodor in small areas, if the game is already in urban areas could hardly be found. Game gobak sodor played on a rectangular field with a field size of 9 x 4 meters is divided into 6 sections. These parts are restricted by line delimiter.

The game is played by the sodor gobak two teams, namely teams one moves vertically and the other horizontally bergaerak. There is usually one person stand on each of the vertical boundary line. Task team members that keep the vertical boundary line is blocking the course of the team member who is running horizontally.


The game is conducted on the ground using a small spherical balls are often called marbles or gundu. the Marbles will be placed in a circle that was made earlier. Each player will attempt to eject it from the marbles in a circle. Who succeeded in removing the marbles from the circle, then he has the right to have it.


Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya Play Enggrang

Enggrang is a pole or rod used to make this game. Someone had to stand on top of the enggrang design has a footing behind him. Distress that must be faced is a matter of balance, because otherwise it could be balanced when mounted the enggrang will surely fall.


This game is usually done by girls, but there were also boys who play the game on this one. ermainan takes a seed dakon. Dakon can use seed seeds of sapodilla fruit or small manila, or small marbles.

Still lots of other traditional game we cannot review one by one. But the game became one of the very game of his time spots for you. It’s a shame if this game has already started to abandoned children who had the more modern games. “This game makes us happy childhood” said Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya.


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