Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya Variagated range Of Craft Materials Thrift

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Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya  said that the thrift has usability very much if processed in creative. Used items that we often ignore when managed properly can be an item that has a high value. It’s been an awful lot of handcraft of used items which most tipped into the garbage that does not have a value in the garbage and junk.

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya Variagated range Of Craft Materials Thrift

Thrift may have artistic value and goods beneficial to in the hands of creative. starting from paper, bottles, remnants of textile fabric, trash, plastic straws and a variety of other used goods. At this time also began to bloom decoration furniture items that use materials of value beyond reasonable. “who would have thought junk was once only in wasting offhand now many benefits also can be sold,” said Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya.

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya Decoration Lamp

Now for more details let peeking inside some sample files that the goods could be transformed into a wide range of crafts that have high value. aYohanes Chandra ekajaya would be reviewed together.

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya pot Thrift

  • Flower pot from Bottles

Drink products now that uses a plastic bottle as packaging. Most of us, after the contents of his drink bottle ran out, we often waste and just be junk. Than it dumped casually can now utilize the bottles to serve as flower pots, simply add a few accessories and images as you wish, the bottle was once useless turned into flower pots that are useful.

  • Lamps from the cardboard Former

Cardboard craft utilizes the former began to bloom is created, it is indeed considered not too complicated when making crafts with cardboard base material. One of them is making lamps, craft lamps this can beautify your rooms.

  • Hp’s Flannel gloves

The fabric is flannel material remaining from the seamstress when excess material for a seam. Usually it just dumped it, now can be used with flannel fabric hand made crafts in the form of hoster Hp. Simply add pretty accessories and other decoration, glove Hp will increasingly look beautiful.

  • Tables and chairs made of wood Pallet Former

Craft this one made from a used wooden pallets, it turns out that if the process in such a way will be increasingly looks beautiful and has a high value. Usually this craft made spacious desks and chairs vintage theme. Many café-café currently using refined wooden tables and chairs as ornate café.

Tables and chairs made of wood Pallet Former

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya  speak much at all is not the result of works that can be created from the former. Of course it is all aimed at reminding about the cleanliness of the environment and also to further improve the creativity of people in order to get economic benefits.

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