Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya Durian Montong Bearer Profit

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J Chandra Ekajaya & J Wijanarko succes bussines Durian Montong

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya make opening of his new business, now on the agricultural sector. The fruit of this one was already very well known throughout the country and even to foreign countries. The famous fruit will smell very pungent. There are many kinds of durian in Indonesia, let alone the kind of durian montong.

Durian montong it self became favorite fruit among other types of durian fruit. It seems that according to Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya more delicious as well as its fruit, then his meat thicker making durian montong became the favorite durians from Hunter durian lovers.

It s price can be said to be very expensive for this fruit durian montong, his per kilo only could reach rp 35 thousand. Whereas if, measuring can reach 5-6 kilo can reach 250 thousand price per fruit. This is what causes the fruit is worth selling economical high.

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya started this new business struggled to 4 years ago. And according to John Chandra Ekajaya, one tree can produce 100 kg. In one hectare alone could have planted at least 150 trees. So it can be calculated how much the result if the harvest time arrives


Bussinesman Durian Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya

To cultivate this plant is not as difficult as imagined, the plant duriang montong includes one plant that is very easy to culticave. The main ones are fertile and conducive with ph6. Durian montong plant belongs to the plant that is easy to bear, but it’s a very worrying is the durian plant montong can’t stand will be a pest. But as the development of technology by leveraging cross-mating technology produce varieties that resist will be pests.

Costs that need to be issued to his care a durian fruit tree montong per year ranges from 300 thousand to 500 thousand rupiah. Whereas the purchase of his seed range 300 thousand for the size of 1.5 meters.

Now the income received or bagged from durian montong business. With production figures reaching 100 kg per tree, when only estimasinya per tree could have pocketed revenue 2.5 million and turnover earned could reach 25 million dollars.

According to Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya, one tree can survive this montong durian and will remain productive until age 10-15 years. Some even until reaching the age of 20 years. Sales are easy and the price is high and the market that never dies will request

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